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Living the Art of Tea

In our adult years, we often don’t take time to wonder at what we learn the way we did when we were small. But we do learn, every day. Did you know, for example, that cha is Chinese for tea? TeaGW teaches you that tea-tasting expands your energy, your chi. By inhabiting these new spaces, from cha to chi, tea appreciation transforms your urban lifestyle into the elegant. Tea-tasting is a ceremony you can make your own, when you give yourself the time to ask a question, listen for the answer, and unleash your dreams.

At the end of the workday, you will be able to work miracles on your mental mess and your body’s stress. Invigorate, and relax. Find your center at TeaGW. Sip, savor, groove and soothe.

Recommended Reading

“So I went on, pouring tea again and again, until Mameha felt satisfied that I drew my sleeve out of the way enough to show my arm without being too obvious what I was doing… Mameha said the prettiest part of the arm was the underside, so I must always be sure to hold the teapot in such a way that the man saw the bottom of my arm rather than the top.”

“…the Chairman, on the other side of me, sat with his hand around an empty teacup on a tray at his knee. Mameha began talking to him. To my astonishment, the Chairman’s eyes drifted to my arm. Of course, I was eager to see for myself what he was seeing… the underside of my arm seemed to shine with the gleaming smoothness of a pearl… I was very aware that the Chairman’s eyes weren’t moving; as long as he kept looking at my arm, I certainly wasn’t going to take it away. And then suddenly Mameha fell silent… Then I realized what was really the matter. The teapot was empty. What was more, it had been empty even when I’d picked it up.”

From Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden. Vintage, 1997.

All of the Tea in China
by Kit Chow and Ione Kramer. China Books & Periodicals, Inc., 1990.

The Green Tea User’s Manual
by Helen Gustafson, et al. Crown Publishing Group, 2001.

The Way of Tea: The Sublime Art of Oriental Tea Drinking
by Master Kam Chuen Lam. Barron’s, 2002.

The New Tea Book: A Guide to Black, Green, Herbal, and Chai Tea
by Sara Perry and Alison Miksch. Chronicle Books, 2001.

Tea Poetry
Compiled by Pearl Dexter. Olde English Tea Company, Inc., 2003.


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